Super Fancy Pads

 Happy 2021 😊. I'm still on holiday with my children but will check in every now and then. You are welcome to place an order it just won't be sent as quickly as usual. Thanks heaps, Laura 😊

I make two different sizes of Super Pads. They both have a cotton topper (against your body), 3 layers of bamboo core with 3 rounds of core stitching, hidden PUL with a flannelette backing (against your underpants). 

Little Sky Super - wide & long with lots of coverage - approx 30cm x 20cm (9cm snapped) - $25 each. 

Love My Lady Cloth Super - a trimmer pad, approx 25.5cm x 16cm (7cm snapped) -

   - $23 each.  

  Please read this page to make sure you are using your

Whatakrakka Fancy Pads the right way.

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