Fancy Wraps

These are a wonderfully discrete way to store your pads as you can just pop one in your handnag, pocket or under your arm on your way to the toilet and no one will even notice. Fabulous for girls to use at school. 

Put a clean pad in the wrap. When it is time for you to use it, put the clean one in your undies and put the used one (rolled up) in the pad wrap. Then you can pop it in your bag and soak it later. 

Approximately 14cm wide by 10cm high. They have a fold over top to keep your pad enclosed.

Made from printed PUL. Side seams have been sewn on the sewing machine and then over locked. If you roll or fold up your pads so that the used part is on the inside you should be able to use a few times without needing to wash.

Listing is for the pad wrap only.