Hi and welcome to the wonderful world of cloth pads! They are so easy to use as well as being really good for you, your wallet and the environment.

Put a Whatakrakka Fancy Pad in your undies with the gorgeous print facing up, pull the wings down and snap them under the gusset of your underpants and you are all set.
Change as you need to.  
Either put used pads straight into a bucket of cold water, or roll them up and put them in a wet bag until you get home and then start soaking them. 


The top layer is a fun printed, 100% cotton. 

The core is made up of of thick bamboo fleece (70% Bamboo, 30% cotton for durability). Bamboo is one of the most effective fabrics that can be used as an absorbant layer in cloth pads.

- three layers for super and Superdooper pads, 

- two for medium

- one for light pads.

Next we have a layer of Poly Urethane Laminate (PUL) which is a waterproof fabric. Then there is a layer of soft, plain coloured flannelette on the outside to cover the PUL

because without it pads can slide around in your undies. Which is not what we want! The fancy stitching you can see attaches the core to the top of the pad as well as directing your flow quickly into the centre of the pad (this stitching does not go through the PUL or the backing fabric). 

Super/Superdooper pads have two rounds of stitching and then a stitched line up the centre.

Medium pads have two rounds of stitching.

Lights have one round of stitching. 

This makes them very easy to tell apart.

I use the method of sewing the parts together and then turning them out the right way and top stitching. This gives a nice neat finish as well as making the pads thinner around the edges. 

They are then finished off with some plastic snaps. 

 The key to the success of your Whatakrakka Fancy Pads is your undies.

You need to be wearing firm-fitting undies which provide lots of coverage and will hold the pad snug to your body. Non-slippery fabric is also a good idea or the pads are likely to slip around. Undies such as Thunderpants and Scrundies are absolutely fabulous!

I prewash the cotton top, bamboo fleece core and the flannelette backing. I don't wash the PUL.

I use a water soluble pen to trace my templates. If you are worried about the residue from the PUL and the pen, then please prewash your pads before you use them.

Washing Instructions 

When they are new, try to keep dark and light colours separate and the red flannelette backed ones separate from lighter colours for the first few soaks and washes. 

I put mine straight into a bucket of cold water (the liners that I wear daily just get bunged into the washing pile. They don't get soaked unless they are used for my period).

When I have enough to wash I put them through a rinse cycle and then wash them with my other washing and then hang them out to dry or put them in the hot water cupboard.

If you get stains, you might like to soak your pads in product such as Ecostore Laundry Soaker and Stain Remover. 

Unfortuntely most homemade washing powders do not have the enzymes required to break down blood. You will need to use a bought washing powder that contains them. I have used Ecostore , Earthwise and Surf, all with success. 

Do not use fabric softener as it can make pads less absorbent.

Do not use bleach.

Do not tumble dry or dry clean.

Fading and pilling of the fabric over time is normal and not a defect. If you want your pads to remain bright and vibrant, do not leave out in the sun for long periods of time.


Some women find they stain certain colours more than others. Some don't stain at all. Others bleach some colours. This can be caused by the acidity of vaginal discharge and or/ the ammonia in urine. Have a read of this interesting write up about it. Everyone's bodily fluid is different and I can not tell you which colours will suit you best. Unfortunately it is a trial and error thing. If your pad stains it is not considered a fault of the pad. Some customer find that dark brown and grey fabrics get bleach like stains when used for daily discharge use, but that doesn't happen with these colours are used for menstruation.

If you have any questions at all, please send me an email using the form below, or a message through my Facebook page where you will find lots of fabulous reviews about Whatakrakka Fancy Pads.