Superdooper Fancy Pads

These are very large and thirsty Superdooper pads are fabulous for postpartum use as well as on very heavy nights and days.

Do you find it hard to sleep at night when you have your period because you are worried about your pad leaking? Then these Superdooper pads might be exactly what you need!

Cotton topper, 3 layers of bamboo core with 3 rounds of core stitching, hidden PUL with a soft flannelette backing. 

These are slightly longer in the back. You can of course turn them and have the tiny bit of extra length in the front.

$32 each.

They are 37cmL x 9Wcm wide (when snapped) which means they give you heaps of coverage both front and back.

Please measure your undies to make sure that a 37cm long pad will fit.