Small Owl Wet Bag

Small Owl Wet Bag
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These little wet bags are all my 7 year old daughter's idea. They are the perfect size for carrying Fancy Cloths and many other things in. My daughter wanted something to take her stash of Fancy Cloths in to school. Holly uses her Fancy Cloths as hankies. She loves carrying them in her little wet bag. One day she was sitting cuddling her wet bag on the mat. Her teacher saw it and showed it and the cloths to the class. They then had a great discussion about how Eco friendly Holly is being by not using tissues. So proud!

Approximately 20cm wide by 25cm tall.

Closes with a zip and has a little handle with a snap so that it can be hung up up. 

Listing is for the bag only.

Made from printed PUL. 100% polyester. 

These are not made by me. I have bought them from China. I just can not make these for this price.

Machine wash, cold or warm.

Line dry.

Do not dry in the dryer.

Do not use bleach or fabric softener.