Mystery Pad Pack

Mystery Pad Pack
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A mystery pack to help you with your Christmas shopping.Photo is an example only. Each pack will have 1x light pad, 1 x fancy cloth and one adult sized bamboo toothbrush. 

You will not know which set you will get, which adds to the fun and reduces the photo editing and listing time for me which is why I'm making them $19 instead of $24.50. I have tried to coordinate the colours the best that I can. 

These will be sent on Tuesday as I am out of courier bags. :)

These are the last of the bamboo toothbrushes. I don't know if I will get them in again. 

Light Pads - These pretty cotton, bamboo and PUL Light pads/ pantyliners are ideal for light menstrual use, cup or tampon backup, every day use and light bladder weakness.Cotton topper (against your body), 1 layer of bamboo core with one round of core stitching, hidden PUL with a soft flannelette backing (against your underpants).They are approximately 20.5cm x 15.5cm - 7cm wide when snapped.

Fancy Cloths - These cute and versatile cotton cloths can be used for so many things, then washed and reused.No more filling up the rubbish bin with baby wipes or paper towels! One side is a cotton print and the other is toweling. They are approximately 16cm x 16cm. They have been sewn together, turned out and top stitches. This give a cute and durable finish.They can be used for – doing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the house, cleaning your children, washing the car, wiping your baby’s bottom, washing your face, wiping your nose etc. 

Adult Bamboo Toothbrush - Designed in NZ Made ethically and sustainably in China.​ Made from Mao Bamboo. BPA free, extra soft, Nylon 4 bristles.100% biodegradable,Natural and non toxic.Two sizes  - adult 19cm long

Washing Instructions. 

When they are new, try to keep dark and light colours separate and the red flannelette backed ones separate from lighter colours for the first few soaks and washes. 

I put mine straight into a bucket of cold water (the liners that I wear daily just get bunged into the washing pile. They don't get soaked unless they are used for my period).

When I have enough to wash I put them through a rinse cycle and then wash them with my other washing (on a cold or warm wash) and then hang them out to dry or put them in the hot water cupboard.

​If you get stains, you might like to soak your pads in product such as Ecostore Laundry Soaker and Stain Remover. 

​Unfortunately most homemade washing powders do not have the enzymes required to break down blood. You will need to use a bought washing powder that contains them. I have used Ecostore , Earthwise and Surf, all with success.

Do not use fabric softener as it can make pads less absorbent.

Do not use bleach.

Do not tumble dry

Do not dry clean.

​Fading and pilling of the fabric over time is normal and not a defect. 

If you want your pads to remain bright and vibrant, do not leave out in the sun for long periods of time.